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Month: December 2019

Episode #22: How to Gracefully Humblebrag

You know you’ve been killing it at work. You’ve upped your game. You’re making strides towards smashing your professional goals. The results must speak for themselves, right? Not necessarily. Your stellar may be noticed by the right people, or they may not be noticed at all. You can’t trust that the right people are connecting […]

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Episode #21: How to Navigate Holiday Gift-Giving at the Office

It’s the holiday season. The calendar is packed with different holidays and reasons to celebrate that serve to remind us that life is pretty darn sweet. But, sometimes navigating holiday traditions such as gift-giving can get a little tricky, especially in the workplace. I can’t promise you a drama-free holiday, but I can give you […]

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Episode #20: The Unfortunate Truth about Office Holiday Parties

That holiday spirit is contagious. It even catches all across corporate America! Your cube-mates have strung holiday lights, cookies and treats are everywhere, and even the grumpiest co-workers seem a little more pleasant this time of year. The peak of the office holiday season is the holiday party. Corporate holiday parties come in all shapes […]

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