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My name is Michelle Kinsman. I’m an advertising executive, podcast host, author, record shop owner, auntie extraordinaire, and self-proclaimed badass.

Helping ambitious women show up confidently in their career and build a life that they truly love is my superpower. How do I do this? With real-world advice, simple tools designed to help you take action, and a touch of radical candor on steroids.

I believe a happy, fulfilling life isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder of success. It’s about building an intentional life of rich experiences that you design on your own terms. I’ve done it, and I can’t wait to help you do the same!

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You’ll go from feeling ‘cool, I’m not alone’ to feeling (and becoming—if you’re doing it right!) a boss.”

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Each episode provides necessary, yet simple, career advice. If you need a mentor, just press play.”

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