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Thank you for stopping by The REAL-WORLD FEMINIST® Official Website.

I am so happy that you are here and that you are ready to level up in your career.

And that you are trusting me to be part of your journey.

You found me so I know that you hustle hard at building the career of your dreams.

Sometimes, you feel like a badass boss babe.

You put in the extra hours.

You volunteer for special projects.

You’re pretty sure you’re the boss’s favorite.

But, you have a fire inside of you that screams for more.

You don’t want to do the grunt work.

You’re ready for new responsibilities.

You’re annoyed training the new intern.

You can’t help but think it would be so much quicker if you did the work yourself!

You’re so ready to be promoted.

You’re frustrated and wonder why it hasn’t happened yet.

I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way early in my career.

I climbed my way from administrative assistant to top executive, and here’s what I found to be true.

There’s no easy way to the top.

But, there are strategies that can get you there faster.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to give you career advice, from one REAL-WORLD FEMINIST to another.

The Real-World Feminist Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and your favorite listening platform.

I’ve got the real-world strategies to help you build your career, and I share them every week on The REAL-WORLD FEMINIST Podcast.

I’ve also written a book that provides a roadmap for starting your career called REAL-WORLD FEMINIST Handbook: Practical Advice on How to Find, Win & Kick Ass at Your First Job.

I don’t share any advice on The REAL-WORLD FEMINIST Podcast that I haven’t road-tested myself.

I strive to keep it positive—but not gonna lie, sometimes I’m going to give you a little kick in the ass.

I often get pretty darn personal and perhaps even overshare.

But, I do it all from my heart for one reason.

I want to help you get ahead in your career.

You’ve got big dreams to accomplish.

Don’t waste another moment.

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