Type-A at birth, I’ve been focused on being successful since I was old enough to read.

When I headed off to college, I didn’t care if pursuing a film degree seemed impractical. I didn’t think there was any way I could lose. No one was surprised when I headed to the big city, in pursuit of a brilliant career.

Are you ready to live more confidently, build a successful career, and truly LOVE your life?

I was too...

And I more than accomplished that! I crushed it, climbing up the ranks from admin assistant to top executive at a major ad agency. But, somewhere in my early 30s, it hit me. I was overweight, overworked, and uninspired. I realized that I had built one heck of a career, but I hadn’t built a happy life.

It took me years to climb out of that rut. A combination of healthy habits, self-improvement learning, and taking personal responsibility for my own happiness got me there.

Do you remember when you felt really excited about the direction of your life?

Too many people think they need to scrap their corporate identities to be happy. I’m living proof that is simply not true. In fact, if you do it right, your corporate success can give you the means, resources, and connections to help you architect the life you want to live.

One of the things that I love the most about the life I’ve created is getting the chance to coach other ambitious women about how to build a kickass career that helps fuel a full and beautiful life by their own design. Each week on my podcast, I share real-world advice and tools that you can confidently use to take action, get noticed, and ultimately build the life of your dreams.

You don’t have to flee corporate America to build your dream life.

I can now say without hesitation that I’ve built an incredible life. I have a thriving career as an executive doing a job that I love, a wonderful husband and life partner, a brick and mortar business, and quality time with the family and friends that I love.

My super sweet pit bull rescue pup, Milo!

Hosting a top-rated career podcast for women

Teaching ambitious women how to create a life they love

Experiencing as much live music as humanly possible

I’m a little bit obsessed about...


I get to coach women all over the country and teach them how to create their DREAM LIFE.


Opened a record store with my husband in Woodbury, NJ


Earned my fancy Executive Vice President title


Wrote and published my first book & the Real-World Feminist brand was born!


Became the production lead across all US offices


Asked for my boss’ job when she left the company (I got the job)


Produced my first broadcast TV commercial


Landed my first full-time job in advertising as an admin!

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Ocean City, NJ

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WWE Women’s Division

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Redeye with cream

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Kristin Hannah Books

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Queen of the South

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The Ed Mylett Show

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An indie coffee shop

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classic rock Music

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toasted blueberry bagel (w/ butter)

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The Power of Now

Atomic Habits

the four agreements

What's a must-have book on your shelf?

Seriously, this one absolutely changed my perspective on relationships!

The Four Agreements

My favorite business book is...




What's your drink of choice?

On the rocks with salt—of course!

skinny margarita

My drink of choice is...




Where would you like to vacay to?

Made it there six times and would go back in a heartbeat!


My favorite vacay spot is...

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Check out our little slice of heaven for music nerds in Woodbury, NJ!

Wait. Did I read you own a record store?

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