Well, hello there.

Michelle Kinsman, the Real-World Feminist in her home office

My name is Michelle Kinsman, and my mission is to help you succeed.

I cannot tell a lie.

I’m kind of a badass.

At age 23, I moved from the sticks of rural PA to Philadelphia with a rusty station wagon, $500 in my checking account, and not much else.

It took grit and many years of hard work, but I climbed my way from administrative assistant to top executive.

Today, I lead production and operations at a $100 million+ ad agency in one of the big-3 global holding companies.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big day job.

One of my greatest joys has always been helping others build their careers.

I was inspired by a thought, “How could I help young womenoutside of the four walls of my company?”

That thought wouldn’t go away.

And so, my side-hustle was born.

First, I set out to write the book I wished I had when I graduated from college.

Back then, I was completely overwhelmed about how to start my career in the “real world,” and I couldn’t relate to the advice given in traditional books available on this topic.

My book is called REAL-WORLD FEMINIST Handbook: Practical Advice on How to Find, Win & Kick Ass at Your First Job. It’s available on Amazon and your favorite online bookseller.

Accomplishing my life-long goal of writing a book only made me hungry for more.

Now, I drop weekly nuggets of real-world career advice on my podcast, The REAL-WORLD FEMINIST Podcast with Michelle Kinsman.

My podcast is intended to inspire leadership confidence and give you the inside scoop on how corporate America really works.

You can find The REAL-WORLD FEMINIST Podcast with Michelle Kinsman on iTunes, Spotify, and other listening platforms.

Why do I fill my free time with all these activities?

Because I firmly believe that as women rise to leadership positions in their industries, the world will change. I want to do my part to make that happen.

So, I’m not here to give you rah-rah girl-power memes or to teach you things you could learn in any basic Google search.

My advice comes straight from my own experiences successfully climbing the corporate ladder.

My hope is that you can use my advice to get up that ladder faster.

Tune in, stay connected, and let’s get ready to kick some ass together.

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