Get a step-by-step guide to start your career.

What if you had access to a handbook that gave you the insider’s scoop on how to begin an extraordinary career?

Think about it.

What if you had a guide to help you…

  • Tame your anxiety about how to find a job?
  • Write a resume that gets noticed by recruiters?
  • Ace an interview?
  • Win the job of your dreams?

Good news.

You DO have access to that handbook!

It’s called Real-World Feminist Handbook: Practical Advice on How to Find, Win & Kick Ass at Your First Job, and I wrote it with you in mind.

Author Michelle Kinsman at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles

I may be at the top of my industry now, but I remember how it felt at the start.

I left college and found myself in an hourly job I hated, dreading the day I would have to start paying back my student loans.

I submitted countless resumes but landed no interviews.

I knew I needed to make professional connections but—let’s be honest—I hated small-talking with strangers.

I watched my friends get hired in their dream industries, and I couldn’t help but wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

I was freaking overwhelmed and stuck.

But despite all this, I had audacious career aspirations. And I was determined to conquer EVERY SINGLE ONE.

I just didn’t know how or where to start.

If you are feeling me hard right now, you are in the right place.

My book was written for you.

It’s time to move from overwhelming doubt to badass action!

Real-World Feminist Handbook: Practical Advice to Find, Win & Kick Ass at Your First Job will help you:

  • Stay true to your aspirations of a brilliant career, and turn your big dreams into big action
  • De-mystify corporate America so you can use this information to your advantage and land the job
  • Stand out as a star performer once you get the job

I literally wrote the book that I wished to have at the start of my career.

Real-World Feminist Handbook, available on Amazon

Stop spinning and wishing for a better outcome.

Take action and take control of your career.

Pick up a copy of Real-World Feminist Handbook: Practical Advice on How to Find, Win & Kick Ass at Your First Job today!

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out some reader reviews.

The book women in high school and college MUST READ.
And…you don’t have to be just fresh out of college to grab insights from this book. Any woman, at any point in their career, should use this handbook as a guide to remember ‘You matter’.

– Suzanne, Amazon review

This book is now my go-to for high school and college graduation gifts for all of the women in my life. As far as I’m concerned, this is required reading!

– O.W., Amazon review

I’ve done a ton of research on job hunting, self improvement, and read lots of business and career books. Somehow this book managed to combine everything I’ve found from my own research, with tips I’d learned on my own, and STILL provide some new things for me to think about and incorporate into my current work life. It was super thorough, super practical, and didn’t waste time on filler material or trying to convince you how much value you just purchased the way so many books do.

– Jennifer, Amazon review

This is an accessibly written book ideal for today’s female college graduates or any woman simply eager to successfully navigate her career path and meet her goals. 

M.E.C., Amazon review