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Episode #32: My #1 Career Regret—and How You Can Avoid It

February 25, 2020

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Episode #32: My #1 Career Regret—and How You Can Avoid It

Episode #32: My #1 Career Regret—and How You Can Avoid It

Now with many years of professional experience under my belt, I often take part in mentorship events or have chats when I connect with a young woman hoping for advice.

There is a common question they ask: When you look back, is there one thing you wish you did differently?

They want me to unlock a secret, a how-do-you-get-ahead glimpse behind the curtain. And I always take a deep breath and offer the same answer.

In this episode, I’m getting super personal and sharing with you my #1 career regret. I’ll break down some practical advice on how you can avoid this trap.

This might be an episode you need to save and listen again when you need a pep talk, Real-World Feminists! Tune in and let’s get after it!

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