Episode #31: How to Effectively Work with Less Motivated Co-Workers

Episode #31: How to Effectively Work with Less Motivated Co-Workers

We high-achievers tend to hang out in packs.

We are simply drawn to other Type-A personalities. People who get stuff done.

Hey, if it was up to us, everyone on our team would be a badass. We’d conquer the world together!

But, the reality is most of us don’t have the liberty to choose everyone we work with.

We get teamed up with an assortment of people. People with very different work styles. People who aren’t as career-driven or are less motivated to contribute to the team’s success. People that you might even think of as lazy—and maybe even incompetent.

How are we supposed to succeed if we are teamed up with people who don’t care as much as we do?

Chill out—it’s totally possible to succeed in these situations. Without taking on extra work!

In this episode, I’ll break down key strategies on how to work with less motivated co-workers.

You can make this work, my Real-World Feminist. Tune in and let’s get after it!

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