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Episode #33: 3 Creative Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Thanks to Congressional resolutions passed back in the 1980s, here in America we celebrate Women’s History Month every March. In the simplest terms, the intent of this month-long holiday is to encourage all Americans to learn more and celebrate the role that women have had in American history. What an awesome intent! But, if we […]

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Episode #30: The #1 Way to Build Your Professional Reputation

When we think about building our professional reputation, most of us tend to think about working towards large-scale accomplishments. We plan big goals and think that our reputations will be built when we achieve them. Of course, growing our experience and skills is critical to building our career paths. But, our professional reputations are not […]

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Episode #22: How to Gracefully Humblebrag

You know you’ve been killing it at work. You’ve upped your game. You’re making strides towards smashing your professional goals. The results must speak for themselves, right? Not necessarily. Your stellar may be noticed by the right people, or they may not be noticed at all. You can’t trust that the right people are connecting […]

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Episode #19: Everyday Gratitude Is Good for Your Career

It’s Thanksgiving week! Right about now, anyone with a social media feed is getting barraged by hand-lettered graphics reminding us to “be thankful” and “count our blessings.” But, let’s be honest. When these messages are being delivered by artfully curated Instagram accounts that want to sell us leather boots on Black Friday and by distant […]

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Episode #16: Make the Most of Your Opportunity to Attend a Conference

Make the Most of Your Opportunity to Attend a Conference

You just got invited to attend your first professional conference. What awesome news! A conference is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge and your network. This time away from daily routine can inspire you in many ways and put some pep back in your step. Conferences can also be overwhelming to first-time attendees. Here’s […]

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Episode #2: This Everyday Tool Can Help You Make or Break Your Reputation

This Everyday Tool Can Help You Make or Break Your Reputation

There’s an everyday tool that frankly doesn’t get talked about enough in the workplace. It’s easy to overlook because it seems so harmless. But I assure you it’s not. It can help build your professional reputation as a leader. Or it can damage your reputation and even your job security. I’m talking about email. Hey, […]

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