Episode #43: The 3 Keys to Being an Awesome Manager

May 12, 2020

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Episode #43: The 3 Keys to Being an Awesome Manager

Episode #43: The 3 Keys to Being an Awesome Manager

Want to know if you are doing great at your job?

There’s one super clear sign that you are on the right track. You get asked to teach or supervise another team member.

Whether this is a moment you’ve been waiting for—or this opportunity was suddenly thrust upon you—it can be pretty intimidating.

One day you were an individual contributor, kicking ass and minding your own business.

The next you are a manager—someone else’s manager!


I mean, are you having a “holy crap!” moment yet? How do you now show up well as someone else’s teacher and boss?

It’s good to feel a little anxiety about this topic.

Because this opportunity to help another person build their career is a true privilege.

Not a right.

In this episode of The Real-World Feminist Podcast, I’ll give you the 3 keys to being an awesome manager.

Tune in and let’s get after it!

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