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Episode #42: How to Set Up Your Day for Success

May 5, 2020

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Episode #43: How to Set Up Your Day for Success

Episode #42: How to Set Up Your Day for Success

I love getting big things done.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishing a big, fat, juicy goal.

The bigger the goal, the bigger the rush.

But, the bigger the goal, the better your daily systems need to be.

Big goals aren’t accomplished by big singular actions or events.

Big goals are accomplished in small, everyday actions that translate to great successes over time.

The best way to accomplish big goals is to make sure you are setting up each day for success.

Once I got clear on this fact, my wins got bigger and bigger over time. 

In this episode of The Real-World Feminist Podcast, I’ll give you my tried and true personal method to set up each day for success.

Tune in and let’s get after it!

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