Episode #44: How to Turn Your Boss into Your #1 Fan

May 19, 2020

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Episode #44: How to Turn Your Boss into Your #1 Fan

Episode #44: How to Turn Your Boss into Your #1 Fan

One of the most important relationships you will have at your workplace is with your direct manager.

Think of your manager as more than just your boss.

Your manager can be your mentor, investing extra time to help you build your skills and experience.

Your manager can be your sponsor, showcasing your talents and contributions to a more senior audience.

And, let’s not forget this key point!

Your manager has direct influence over your promotions or raises.

A relationship this integral to your career path must be nurtured.

There are many ways that you can build and improve your relationship with your boss.

But, in this episode of The Real-World Feminist Podcast, I’ll give you my personal insight into the single most effective way to turn your boss into your #1 fan.

Tune in and let’s get after it!

Not feeling great vibes from your boss? Check out this past episode called Know When It’s Time to Break Up with Your Boss.

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