Episode #25: Start the Year Strong with Clear Goals

January 7, 2020

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Episode #25: Start the Year Strong with Clear Goals

Episode #25: Start the Year Strong with Clear Goals

When I reflect on the past decade, it’s clear to me that all of the wonderful things that I’ve accomplished or manifested into my life started with a small practice.

About 10 years ago, my best friend and I met up to dreamscape about the year ahead. We’d brought our notebooks to our favorite neighborhood bar and brainstormed things we wanted to make happen in the upcoming year. Some ideas were big dreams (like write a book) and others were small (like go to an amusement park together). Big and small, they all went on a master to-do list.

We began a tradition of getting together every year to reflect on what we were able to accomplish and capture our new dreams for the year ahead.

As we’ve evolved over the years, so has our planning process. But, one thing remains consistently true. Our goal planning sessions have sparked magic in our lives. We have accomplished things that seemed near impossible when the big ideas popped into our heads.

This magic is too good to keep to myself. In this episode, we will walk through a process to help you define clear goals for the year ahead. I’ll give you an approach that you can put into practice immediately.

Let’s start the decade strong, Real-World Feminists! Tune in and let’s get after it.

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