Episode #30: The #1 Way to Build Your Professional Reputation

February 11, 2020

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Episode #30: The #1 Way to Build Your Professional Reputation

Episode #30: The #1 Way to Build Your Professional Reputation

When we think about building our professional reputation, most of us tend to think about working towards large-scale accomplishments.

We plan big goals and think that our reputations will be built when we achieve them.

Of course, growing our experience and skills is critical to building our career paths.

But, our professional reputations are not solely built on our accomplishments.

They are based on how we show up every single day.

My best advice on this topic comes straight from my own playbook. I take great pride in honoring my commitments. In all aspects of my life, personal or professional, people know they can trust me with a promise. If I say I will get it done, I get it done.

If you want people to trust you, you will need to be a person who keeps her word.

No matter what your role. No matter what your industry. Do what you say you will.

This concept is easy to say, but difficult to master. In this episode, I will break down key strategies to help you keep your word.

There’s no time to waste, Real-World Feminists. You are building your professional reputation as we speak.

Tune in and let’s get after it!

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