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If you are spending your day racing from meeting to meeting—and starting your actual work at 5pm—you are getting it wrong. “I have too many meetings,” you sigh to yourself and to your co-workers. “I need to go to these meetings,” you adamantly believe. “My team can’t meet without me,” you say to yourself. I’m […]

Episode #145: Too Many Meetings, Not Enough Time

Episode #145: Too Many Meetings, Not Enough Time

Meeting Management

As an up-and-coming leader, you are focused on doing the right things. You’re putting in the extra work. You’re making a visible impact on the business. You’re making a difference with all of the big things—and that’s the hard part of becoming a leader. But, it’s time for a quick reality check. Are you undermining […]

Episode #123: The Little Ways You Can Undermine Yourself


They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Every introduction in corporate America starts with some version of the same request: “Tell me about yourself.” How do you answer that question? Do you mumble the quickest sentence possible so the spotlight can move to the next person? Do you present […]

Episode #107: How to Create a Kick-Ass Elevator Speech


Episode #81: The 3 Most Powerful Corporate Phrases Corporate America has its own subtle language. This corporate-speak was born out of careful politeness, and much of it sounds like nonsense. But, some of these phrases are powerful tools for your arsenal. Allow me to be your Urban Dictionary of the workplace and break down the […]

Episode #81: The 3 Most Powerful Corporate Phrases

Office Politics

Episode #68: Yes, You Can Speak Up & Be the Brave One In Corporate America, groupthink is one of the surest pathways to failure. Sadly, it’s all too prevalent in a world of middle managers and complicated power structures. Want to stand out as an up-and-coming leader? Be the brave one who speaks up. In […]

Episode #68: Yes, You Can Speak Up & Be the Brave One

Women's Empowerment

It’s important to defend your calendar and be deliberate with the meeting invites that you accept.

But, there is a right way and a wrong way to decline a meeting request.

Done well, you demonstrate critical thinking skills and everyday leadership.

And…when it’s not done well, you come off as lazy or irresponsible.

Let’s make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Episode #49: The Right & Wrong Way to Decline a Meeting Request

Time Management

Episode #3: How to Run a Meeting Like a Boss Meetings can really suck. Most of us simply have too many of them. How many times have you thought well, that’s an hour of my life I can never get back or how many times are we going to meet to talk about the same […]

Episode #3: How to Run a Meeting Like a Boss

How To Run a Meeting Like a Boss