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Episode #149: How to Run a Post-Mortem Meeting

February 14, 2023

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Episode #149: How to Run a Post-Mortem Meeting
Episode #149: How to Run a Post-Mortem Meeting

Have you ever worked on a project that went completely sideways? One of those situations where mistakes get made, tempers run high, and all attempts to course-correct fail.

It happens to the best of us. Yet, these situations seem to pull out the worst in us.

Everyone gets so caught up in protecting their own behinds that team dynamics and performance devolve even further.

When a team gets to this unhealthy place, a reset is needed.

A post-mortem meeting is an effective way to reset team dynamics and improve team performance—if it’s run well by a cool-headed facilitator.

I break down how to run a post-mortem meeting.

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