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Episode #145: Too Many Meetings, Not Enough Time

January 17, 2023

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Episode #145: Too Many Meetings, Not Enough Time
Episode #145: Too Many Meetings, Not Enough Time

If you are spending your day racing from meeting to meeting—and starting your actual work at 5pm—you are getting it wrong.

“I have too many meetings,” you sigh to yourself and to your co-workers. “I need to go to these meetings,” you adamantly believe. “My team can’t meet without me,” you say to yourself.

I’m calling BS on all of these beliefs. It’s time to spend your workday on the work that matters!

Don’t know how to break the cycle? I got you. I’ll show you how to start taking back control by doing a calendar audit.

It’s time to break free from the “too many meetings, not enough time” blues.

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