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Episode #146: Your 2023 Bucket List

January 24, 2023

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Episode #146: Your 2023 Bucket List
Episode #146: Your 2023 Bucket List

As ambitious women, we talk a lot about goals. Setting goals, chasing goals, achieving goals.

We’re driven by what’s next to chase. The next promotion, the next career move, the next health target. And to be perfectly honest, the journey toward the next achievement is a key ingredient in feeling fulfilled.

What if I told you it can’t all be about chasing the big goals? Seems like a counterintuitive question for a career podcast to ask, right?

But, my mission is to not only help women dominate their career. I also want to help women build a life they love.

Today, I want to focus on your 2023 bucket list. Do you have one? If not, I’m going to convince you why you need one.

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