Episode #35: Simple Ways to Support Gender Equality

March 17, 2020

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Episode #35: Simple Ways to Support Gender Equality

Episode #35: Simple Ways to Support Gender Equality

It can’t be denied that we women have come so far in the workplace.

But, it must be simply said.

Until we can be assured that we are being paid equally for equal work, until sexual harassment is a thing of the past, until we have equal representation on executive boards – we have a long way to go.

It can seem overwhelming at times.

The good news is that every single day, we have opportunities to help make our workplaces more inclusive environments.

Examined individually, the opportunities may seem small enough to be insignificant. However, cumulatively over time, these micro-actions could lead to the start of a revolution.

In this episode of The Real-World Feminist Podcast, I give you three simple ways to support gender equality, starting today.

Tune in and let’s get after it!

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