Episode #133: How to Pitch an Idea to Your Boss

October 11, 2022

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Episode #133: How to Pitch an Idea to Your Boss
Episode #133: How to Pitch an Idea to Your Boss

You have a great idea that you know could make a difference at your company. So, why aren’t you speaking up?

Too often we undervalue our ideas, thinking “well, someone must have thought of this already.” It’s easy to fall prey to these doubts.

But, what IF you were the first person to have that idea? What IF you indeed are the best person to solve the problem?

It takes bravery to speak up. But, I have a powerful gift to make it a little easier.

It’s a simple framework that will teach you how to pitch an idea to your boss. It’s a tried and true method that I have used countless times. I spill all the details in this episode.

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