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Episode #134: How to Calm Anxiety Before a Presentation

October 18, 2022

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Episode #134: How to Calm Anxiety Before a Presentation
Episode #134: How to Calm Anxiety Before a Presentation

As badass women, so much of what we do every day comes to us naturally.

We’re Type-A personalities. We are hard-wired to put our heads down and do the work. We don’t need an audience to see the effort we put in—we know the final result will speak for itself.

But, as you build your career, there will be times when you need to show up and perform your best publicly. Whether it’s a big presentation, sales pitch, or critical business meeting, the pressure is on you to deliver your best.

It’s completely nerve-wracking to feel that kind of performance pressure! We’re so comfortable doing our thing behind the scenes. What if we mess up in a situation where there are no do-overs?

You CAN do this.

Feeling nervous comes with the territory. In this episode, I share how to calm anxiety before a presentation.

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