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I simply can’t hold back from making some bold statements about a hot topic in the pop-business media. Let’s talk about “quiet quitting.” So, what is quiet quitting? In short, it’s the idea of rejecting hustle culture by literally doing the bare minimum at your job. I speak to you from the heart when I […]

Episode #132: Don’t Believe the Quiet Quitting Hype

Don't Believe the Quiet Quitting Hype


As an up-and-coming leader, you are focused on doing the right things. You’re putting in the extra work. You’re making a visible impact on the business. You’re making a difference with all of the big things—and that’s the hard part of becoming a leader. But, it’s time for a quick reality check. Are you undermining […]

Episode #123: The Little Ways You Can Undermine Yourself


If you want to be seen as a leader, there’s more to it than picking up experience and expertise in hard skills. There are certain intangibles—leadership qualities—that you must possess. One critical leadership quality is presence. Presence is how you show up in the world. In the office and outside of the office. Of course, […]

Episode #119: Warning: The Internet Is Forever

Episode #119: Warning: The Internet Is Forever


Listen up, my Type A personalities. It’s time for a reframe. Bad days don’t just happen. Bad days aren’t just part of the process. Bad days are REQUIRED. In this episode, I’ll explain why. I’ll also give you questions to ask yourself the next time you have a bad day. Tune in and get after […]

Episode #102: Bad Days Are Required


Episode #10: Use Your Down Time for Career Advancement You find yourself with a little time on your hands. Maybe a bunch of scheduled meetings disappeared. Or your project is stuck in a holding pattern. Or the rest of your team is out on holiday. You can fritter this time away on social media, online […]

Episode #10: Use Your Down Time for Career Advancement

Time Management

Episode #6: The 3 Keys To Speaking Up Without Feeling Stupid There’s a question that many people have. But are afraid to ask. I work with a lot of smart people! How do I speak up without looking stupid? If you are the quiet one in the room, people notice. Whether they mention it to […]

Episode #6: The 3 Keys To Speaking Up Without Feeling Stupid

The 3 Keys To Speaking Up Without Feeling Stupid

Women's Empowerment

Hello, Real-World Feminists! I’m Michelle Kinsman.  I’ve been ambitious to succeed since birth. I’m not going to apologize for that. When I finally got my foot in the door at the company of my dreams, I used my smarts, my unrelenting drive, and my entrepreneurial spirit to work my way from administrative assistant to top […]

Introducing The Real-World Feminist Podcast!

Introducing the Real-World Feminist Podcast!