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As an up-and-coming leader, you are focused on doing the right things. You’re putting in the extra work. You’re making a visible impact on the business. You’re making a difference with all of the big things—and that’s the hard part of becoming a leader. But, it’s time for a quick reality check. Are you undermining […]

Episode #123: The Little Ways You Can Undermine Yourself


It can be tough to get noticed in corporate America. In most cases, this isn’t intentional. It’s not a conspiracy against you. The truth is it’s easy to get lost in the organizational layers. How do you get noticed in that kind of environment? It’s simple. You have to be your own PR person. In […]

Episode #103: Be Your Own PR Person


Episode #22: How to Gracefully Humblebrag You know you’ve been killing it at work. You’ve upped your game. You’re making strides towards smashing your professional goals. The results must speak for themselves, right? Not necessarily. Your stellar may be noticed by the right people, or they may not be noticed at all. You can’t trust […]

Episode #22: How to Gracefully Humblebrag