The REAL-WORLD FEMINIST Podcast will help you build your dream career

You’re ambitious and driven to get ahead in your career.

But, there are times that you wished you had someone you could trust to answer all of your tough questions.

How do I land my dream job?

How should I ask for a promotion?

When is it time to find a new boss?

How do I get paid what I’m worth?

How can I make networking suck less?

Most importantly, how do I stand out and get recognized as a star at my workplace?

You’re in the right place.

Michelle Kinsman, Host of the Real-World Feminist Podcast

I got your back.

Each week, I bring you no-BS answers to these and all of your burning career questions on The REAL-WORLD FEMINIST® Podcast.

My advice is based on strategies I’ve applied in my own career journey from administrative assistant to top executive at a major advertising agency.

This isn’t the same old business-speak from management textbooks.

And this ain’t your mama’s career advice.

I deliver direct advice to unapologetically ambitious women who are ready to unleash their badassery to its full potential.

Tune in each week for digestible advice that you can turn into action in your own career!

The Real-World Feminist Podcast

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